Comparison: Will Gas Turbine is Better Than Internal Combustion Engine

Comparison of gas turbine and internal combustion engine helps you in the selection of the best option.

Both utilities are used in a power plant to generate electricity.

In the engineering sector, various machines are run by other utilities. The utility is more important by its application not due to working operation.

Below comparison, which showing that the gas turbine is better in performance and also in use than an internal combustion engine.

In engineering sector, various machines are use by other utilities (comparison) .Utility is more important by its application not due to working operation.
  • So, the Comparison of Gas Turbine with I. C. Engine is as below

01) In winter nights, especially in cold regions, some provision has to be made to prevent freezing in internal combustion engines using water cooling.

This should be done when the temperature of the atmosphere falls to sub-zero values.

Anti-Freezer is generally used for this purpose.

There is no danger of freezing, as the gas turbine does not use any water.

On the other hand, a gas turbine works better if the temperature of the atmosphere falls below.

02) The output from a gas turbine increases if the inlet temperature of the working fluid decreases.

At the high altitudes where the temperature of the air is quite low, the output of the aviation gas turbine can also be well maintained.

While the output of the internal combustion engine at high altitudes would decrease.

03) For the same output, the weight per horsepower of a gas turbine is about one-third that of a reciprocating piston-type internal combustion engine.

Hence turbojet engines are being more commonly used in aircraft.

04) A low-grade fuel can be used in a gas turbine. In some cases, even coal and peat have been burnt.

Low-grade fuel cannot be used in internal combustion engines.

05) The fuel and lubrication cost in a gas turbine is lower compared to an internal combustion engine.

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