Internal Combustion Engine:How I.C.Engine is different than Steam Engine

An internal combustion engine or steam engine is used to convert heat energy into mechanical energy. I.C Engine and Steam Engine are types of heat engines but the different classes of machines.

You have different ways to obtain energy. It can be obtained from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, nuclear, mechanical or heat also.

The energy produced by the internal combustion engine or steam can be transformed from one form to another. All engineering concerned better know this fact.

There are different methods that can be used for the transformation of energy. To use the different transformation methods you have to use different engines.

These engines are different in many ways hence here you will find some important differences only.

internal combustion engine vs steam engine
  • Important differences between Internal Combustion Engine and Steam Engine

01) The combustion of fuel (petrol or diesel), takes place inside the engine cylinder in case of an internal combustion engine.

While in a steam engine fuel is burnt in a boiler to raise the steam which in turn is used in the engine cylinder.

02) The working temperature and pressure inside the internal combustion engines are much higher than those in the steam engines.

03) Material with better resistance is required for I. C. Engine as there is a very high temperature and pressure to produce an internal combustion engine compared to a steam engine.

04) Stuffing box glands for connecting rods are avoided in an internal combustion engine because this is mostly a single-acting cylinder engine.

In a steam engine, stuffing box glands are required for the piston rod.

05) The efficiency of an internal combustion engine is as high as 35 to 40 % as compared to that of steam engines. Where steam engine has efficiency is near about 10 to 15%.

  • Advantages of internal combustion engine over the steam engine

01) I. C. Engine can be started instantaneously, in a steam engine boiler has to be fired and steam raised before the engine can be started.

02) It has a low weight-to-power ratio because of its compact design.

03) I. C. Engine has higher efficiency than a steam engine.

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