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If you are interested in engineering in any way, then you can’t afford to ignore below listed Engineering Books. The book, I have listed here will help you to understand your most liked subject deeply. These books are hard to find nearby your bookstore.

The list will cover all Engineering Books in the field of Mechanical Engineering. It will also cover Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, and much more. I promise these Engineering Book will help you a lot in your Engineering Career.

engineering books, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering, software engineering

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So, Here is the List of Best Engineering Books on Various Fileds

  • Best Engineering Books for Mechanical Engineers

mechanical engineering books

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines is an ultimate book for Mechanical Engineering students. The entire book is divided into 21 chapters, extensively covering all the important aspects of mechanical engineering. So, it is also useful for those, who are preparing for UPSC examinations.

This book is a must buy for AMIE students which contain 90 % of the syllabus of AMIE. You will get Simple explanations of the topics very well. All in one book for fluid mechanics subjects for AMIE students. It made you understand each & every topic very nicely. I can say that the solved examples are of a high level, so, you could also practice for GATE with these questions.

Theory of Machines

Theory of Machines is an excellent book for practicing problem-solving with adequate theory. The book is also a great help for GATE examinations. This is the only book for B.E., U.P.S.E. (ENGG.SERVICES): SECTION ‘B’ of A.M.I.E. (I).

The textbook is broadly used by students to understand definitions and problems that are solved using basic methods. The book covers the entire syllabus in a very nice manner. Regarding the Engineering Books, it is an excellent book for beginners. Diagrams are given in the book to make every point clear. So, you can understand it very easily.

If you are building concepts for GATE or preparing for IES, then this is a good book to follow and a must read one. Excellent book for understanding concepts, hence this book is highly recommended by me.

A Textbook of Machine Design

A Textbook Of Machine Design is useful for students preparing for entrance exams like UPSC Engineering Services Exam, AMIE (India) examinations. It is also recommended for students studying BTech, BE, and other professional courses related to machine design. The book is systematic and is presented in clear and simple language.

This is a multicolored edition with pictures, illustrations, diagrams, and graphics to support the concepts explained. The book explains the life cycle of engineering design, with respect to machines beginning from identifying a problem. One and only best book for machine design.

Lots of knowledge about design the ‘welded joint, riveted joint, knuckle joint, pistons, pipe, and lever joint. It does cover most of the concept with ample amount of problems.

Internal Combustion Engines

Engineering BooksThis book, Internal Combustion Engines, gives the fundamental concepts and the specifics of various engine designs. The information is provided in a comprehensive manner, with highly detailed sketches.

The first chapter is an introduction to the construction, workings, and principles behind an internal combustion engine. The consequent chapters delve into more detail. A few sections of the book are then devoted to the fuels that are used for combustion.

It covers entire contents of the course in depth along with precise diagrams and a lot of numerical to solve. Very useful book for mechanical and automobile engineering students. So, Don’t hesitate to buy this book.

Basic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Engneering BookThese engineering books present a unique mixture of theoretical and practical aspects of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. It is useful for students who want to make a career in this field. Also, useful for practicing engineers and servicemen who want either to brush up their theoretical knowledge or gain some valuable practical insight relevant to their field.

Good for quick reference as well as detailed study. Good practical examples and calculations showed help in good understanding. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for FRESH Engineers who are interested in HVAC.

A must book for the engineering student for understanding the basic concepts of refrigeration and air conditioning.

Thermal Engineering

Thermal Engineering Books is an exhaustive compilation of detailed information under each of the topics, in simple language. The book also contains model question papers with objective type questions. So, If you want to learn Thermodynamics/Thermal Engineering, Just go for this book.

The diagrams and charts given along with various chapters facilitate a better understanding of the subject. This book contains lots of numerical hence it makes proper understand the application part of the theory.

The exercises given along with the chapters carry objective type questions, theoretical questions, and even unsolved examples from different competitive exams like the UPSC and GATE.

Boiler Operation Engineering: Questions and Answers

Engineering BooksThe book addresses almost all the information necessary for Boiler Operators and Designers.

    This exhaustively written treatise on steam its generation and uses is essentially a self-learning guide presented in the question-answer form.

Salient features of this Engineering Books are

  • New chapters on Boiler Control, Stoker-Fired Boilers, and HRSG and Combined Cycles
  • Topics on Boiler Design, Operation, Inspection, Maintenance and Up-gradation
  • Case studies on boilers and auxiliaries, water treatment, steam turbines, and condensers including preventive steps for avoiding failure and erosion of boilers

It’s an awesome book which deals with every nook and corner of the subject. A thorough study of the book can bring you best results in the competitive examination also. The simple question and answer type structure helps one further to remember the topic well, just like an FAQ.

Mechanical Engineering for competitions

Engineering BooksMechanical Engineering for Competitions book has been completely revised as per the inputs received from students preparing for the competitive exams. The problems given in the book are presented chapter-wise hence becomes convenient for revision.

Sample Test Papers which are given at the end of the book, are solved in accordance with the updated pattern of the latest entrance examinations.

Nice book, especially for those preparing particularly for state-level exams. Best book for understanding for basic to high concepts and also much helpful for difficult exams.

So, I recommend Everyone who is preparing for a competitive exam, must read it.

Mechanical Metallurgy

Engineering booksMechanical Metallurgy is a textbook that covers all the important concepts of Metallurgy. The book describes in detail, what happens to metals when under pressure and the ways to recognize when a metal is under strain.

This book also explains how various metals react when under stress and how their behavior affects the original composition of the metal.

Mechanical Metallurgy is the ideal book for those who desire to understand the basic concepts of mechanical metallurgy. The book also covers all the complex metalworking processes that one requires to know in the field of metallurgy.

The simple language and clear descriptions of complex concepts make it an ideal textbook for students.

Machine Design Data Book

Engineering BooksThis databook packed with innumerable tables, charts, graphs, and formulas provides all the required information for designing of machine elements.

Fully updated data in SI units will make this book just what you require for solving the easiest to the most complex machine design problems.Hence it is Ideal for preparation of design projects and use of engineers from industries.

Excellent design data book covering every possible relevant IS standards. All design formula display in a systematic manner hence easy to follow and apply.

Good design data handbook with accurate graphs and tables. It also contains basic mathematical formulas and conversion tables which you’ll not find in other data handbooks. It is user-friendly and unique in its own way.

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