Performance: How to Achieve The Best Performance of a Air Compressor

All Utility engineers and Maintenance Engineers are interested in the Performance of the machine under them. In an Engineering Plant, various machines required some source of energy to keep them running.

Electricity, Steam, and Compressed Air is the basic source to keep the machines in running condition. Especially compressed air is the cheap option available to complete various operations in the engineering sector.

This compressed air can be obtained from a reciprocating compressor, rotary compressor, and also screw air compressor.

Purchasing the compressor from reputed manufacturers like Ingersoll Rand, Atlas Copco, ELGI, Chicago Pneumatic or Kirloskar is not the only criteria for the performance of an air compressor.

These manufacturers produce the best quality product but the performance of the compressor is totally depending on you.

So, to obtain maximum working life (performance) from any machine you have to follow some simple rules.

From my personal experience, I have observed that screw compressor performance is the best if you follow the instructions given below.

how to obtain performance of air compressor

Tips to Obtain Best Performance from Screw Compressor

01) Sufficient information about the product is given in the product manual. Hence it is always suggested to read the Instruction Manual carefully and follow the instructions given. This manual is provided by Air Compressor Manufacturer with every machine free of cast. Keep it near the compressor.

02) Ensure that the Screw Air Compressor unit is mounted on a firm and level surface. So, you can see the oil level in the right condition and can also balance the total weight.

03) Oil plays a vital role in a screw compressor, so, use only Compressor Manufacturer recommended Lubrication Oil in Compressor. The best way, request the Manufacturer to supply the recommended grade of oil.

04) Maintain the Lubricating Oil between the Low Level and High-Level marks on the Oil Level Gauge or Dipstick. It is recommended to maintain the level on the higher side so there will no possibility of insufficient oil or low oil pressure.

05) In any circumstance, the compressor should not run without oil. If the Oil Pressure Gauge fails to register Oil Pressure, stop the Compressor immediately. Rectify the fault before starting.

06) After some working hours, it is obvious to lose the fasteners. Check the tightness of all Nuts and Bolts at regular intervals and tight them according to requirement.

07) After stopping the compressor there may be air pressure accumulated in an air-oil receiver. Do not open the Oil Filter Cap before relieving Air Pressure from Receiver.

08) Keep the air suction filter clean. Replace it at regular intervals as recommended by the Compressor Manufacturer. This is the most important part of the Screw Air Compressor. Always keep filters and other parts in stock.

Some more tips to achieve Highest Performance from the Compressor

09) Servicing the Air Cleaner is of great importance in prolonging the life of the Screw Air Compressor. Use compressed air pressure of 2.5 Kg/cm² and clean the filter from the inside out.

10) Rotors and Casing have very less gap in-between, a minor particle of dust can damage the screw air end so this is strongly recommended not to run the Compressor without an Air Filter.

11) Do not operate Screw Compressor beyond 110 Degree Centigrade Air Discharge Temperature. Investigate and rectify the cause of High Discharge Air Temperature, if any.

12) Back pressure increases the load on the electric motor and affects the performance of a machine. Do not restart the Compressor unit, until the pressure in the receiver has fallen to zero.

13) Safety Valve should be set at 10 % higher than the discharge air pressure given on the nameplate. So, do not disturb the setting frequently. It is dangerous for the manpower working nearby.

14) Preventive Maintenance of the Starter and Electric Motor to be carried out at regular intervals. This will increase the life of the Screw Air Compressor.

15) Maintain the general cleanliness of the Electric Screw Air Compressor unit. So maintenance people and the operator will discharge their duties seriously. This will also help you to find out any leakages of air or oil at the beginning.

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