Fuel Filter: A Detail Information on Fuel Filter Used In Diesel Engine

A filter cleans the air, is known as air filter, fuel filter cleans the fuel. Lubrication oil is filtered by lubrication filter. So, out of these filters, I am going to share details about fuel filter with you.

Dirt is dangerous for engine parts. It can be entered into the engine during suction stroke along with fuel and lube oil. Hence to get rid of this unwanted dirt, filters are used.

The diesel engine life is mostly depended on the quality of fuel and lubrication of internal parts. Unfiltered fuel may contain several kinds of contamination. These substances must be removed before the fuel enters the system.

fuel filter
Photo Courtesy- Bosch Diesel Filters

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The dirt and foreign material cause rapid wear and failure of the fuel pump, and injector. Also many other Internal Combustion Engine Parts.

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Fuel filters serve a vital function in today’s modern and compact engine fuel system. It also improves performance, as the fewer contaminants present in the fuel.

Fuel filter replacement is essential in car repair, auto repair, and other automobile engineering equipment. Fuel filter cost is much lower comparing to total engine cost. Hence you should have to take due care.

If a filter is not replaced regularly it may become clogged with contaminants. It will cause a restriction in the fuel flow. So, it will cause an appreciable drop in engine performance.

Various types of fuel filters are available to make the fuel oil free from dirt and other foreign material. They will suit varying conditions of operations. They included paper element, cloth element, felt element and also the combination of cloth and felt element.

  • Basically, there are two types of fuel filter


Preliminary Fuel Filter

preliminary fuel filter
Photo Courtesy- enginemechanics.tpub.com

This type of filter is fitted in between fuel tank and fuel feed pump. This filter consists of a single bowl, in which a perforated tube is fitted centrally.

The perforated centre tube is surrounded annularly by a filter element. A gasket is placed on top of the bowl, to check for any leakage of fuel.

When suction created by the fuel feed pump, the fuel from a fuel tank is sucked through the filter element. It will drop the impurities and enter into the centre perforated tube. Where it is drawn out by the feed pump.

The dirt and other impurities left by the fuel at filter element collect at the bottom of the bowl. Where these are removed out frequently, through drain plug fitted at the bottom of the bowl.

Secondary Fuel Filter

secondary fuel filter
Photo Courtesy- http://www.tpub.com


In dual (Two Stage) secondary filter two numbers of filter elements are employed. One having ordinary filter element and other having fine filter element. Each filter unit is supported by the central bolt, which is known as filter element carrier.

The fuel enters the first filter unit (Ordinary Filter Element). Where it drops large dust particles at the element, and then this fuel flows out centrally.

This filtered fuel enters the next stage (Fine Filter Element). Where even the finest particles of dirt etc. are separated from it. Then this purified fuel flows to the feed pump.

An air vent screw is provided at the top of the filter for air venting. Also, at the bottom of the bowl, drain plugs are provided to remove the impurities, which collect from fuel.

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