Lubrication Oil: How to take care of Lubrication Oil in Air Compressor

Lubricant Oil is the important media of lubrication in an air compressor so, due care required to be taken about lubrication oil and its level.

In old air compressors, two numbers of a visual screw (Indicators) are provided. The lower indicator indicates a lower level of lube oil while upper indicator indicates a required level of lube oil.

Nowadays only one lube oil level indicators are provided, in which you have to maintain lubrication oil level up to the red mark or at half level. This much oil in the crankcase is more than sufficient.

In lubricated or non-lubricated air compressor lubrication of important reciprocating air compressor parts are done by lubrication oil with the use of oil pump, strainer, oil filter etc.

All engineering concerned must have the proper information of lubricants and lubrication oil required for various machines. So, you can obtain the best performance from a compressor.

lubrication oil

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  • Some Important points to remember about Lubrication Oil

01) Never mix two different brands of lube oil. If you want to use other brands of oil, drain existing oil completely and cleaned frame thoroughly before filling other brands of oil.

02) Maintain correct oil level. Low oil level will cause foaming due to a mixture of air and oil. Higher oil level will cause excessive high oil temperature.

Hence you have to maintain the normal working oil temperature will be 70-degree centigrade.

03) It is necessary to drain periodically condensed water, sludge and other impurities accumulated at the bottom of the crankcase, before making up the required level of oil.

04) Replace crankcase oil at 50 working hours after commissioning of the compressor. It is not practical to state definitely how often the frame oil should be changed because operating conditions vary from site to site.

However, it is recommended to change the oil after every 3000 working hours or every six months, whichever is earlier.

05) Always keep a close watch on lubrication oil pressure shown in oil pressure gauge. Any indication of low oil pressure must be investigated and rectified at earliest.

Oil filter must be replaced after every 1500 working hours or after every 3 months.

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