Classification: How Air Compressor is Classified in Different Types

The knowledge of the Classification of the air compressor will help you to choose the best compressor to fulfill your need.

The engineering unit may be small or big, everyone uses an air compressor to perform various tasks as per the requirement.

For different kinds of requirements, different types of compressors have to be used.

The selection of compressor depends upon various factors, such as capacity, pressure, cost, running cost, maintenance cost, availability of spares, availability of service engineer, etc.

If you know the classification of compressors properly, it will help you to select a better one.

Here I am going to share some important information on the classification of an air compressor with you, hope you like it.

air compressor classification
  • So, Here is the Classification of Air compressors that Comes

According to the number of stages

(a) Single-stage
(b) Two-stage
(c) Multistage

According to moving parts

(a) Reciprocating
(b) Rotary
(c) Centrifugal

According to duty

(a) Low pressure
(b) Medium pressure
(c) High pressure

According to the number of power cylinders

(a) Single cylinder
(b) Double cylinder
(c) Multicylinder

According to the method of cooling

(a) Air-cooled
(b) Water-cooled

According to the number of cylinders

(a) Simplex
(b) Duplex
(c) Triplex

According to the nature of the installation

(a) Portable
(b) Semi-fixed
(c) Fixed

According to an application

(a) Rock drill compressor
(b) Pneumatic hand tool compressor
(c) Road building compressor
(d) Mining prospecting compressor
(e) Sandblasting compressor
(f) Spray painting compressor

According to power drives

(a) Direct drive
(b) Belt drive
(c) Chain drive

According to the principle of operations

(a) Positive displacement compressor
(b) Dynamic compressor
This is all about the classification of air compressors, hope the information above will clear some of the doubts.

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