Compressor: 8 Places Where You Can Use Air Compressor Effectively

You have to use a Compressor to perform many operations. The uses of such utilities are dependent upon many factors like production cost, availability, easiness to handle, etc.

The power available from compressed air from the compressor can be used profitably in most engineering and industrial fields as a substitute for steam and also electricity.

Compressed air saves time, cuts costs & eases physical burdens. So, some typical uses of compressed air are described below.

compressor uses in industries
  • Acid & Chemical Industries Compressor

The agitation process in liquids can be carried out with much ease with the help of compressed air in acid & allied industries.

Hence this plays an important part in soda manufacture, the hydrogenation of coal, the manufacture of synthetic ammonia & polymerization of ethylene.

  • Agriculture Industry Compressor

Compressed air is used in the processing of food, and farm maintenance by spraying insecticides, and inflating tires of tractors & trucks.

  • Construction Industry Compressor

To dig a hole in the land for the foundation of bridges, building, dam structural work, sewage, and tunnel & practically all other types of construction is helped by the compressed air to do the job better and faster.

  • Aircraft Industry

Air Operated drills, wrenches & riveting hammers are used for completing various tasks in the aircraft industry. So, to operate these tools compressed air is used.

  • Ammunition Depots Compressor

The safety of compressed air, as well as its versatility, makes it a desirable form of power for many operations in ammunition depots.

Air-operated ammunition hoists are spark-free and quick-acting.

  • Mining Operation Compressor

In mining where an electric motor or combustion engine cannot be used because of the risk of fire due to the presence of inflammable fumes & gases.

Compressed air power is a paramount utility in running mining equipment.

  • Manufacturing Industries Compressor

Compressed air is mostly useful for blowing pet bottles, operating pneumatic cylinders, and for proper mixing of formulations in the pharmaceutical industry.

In General

Compressed air is used for starting internal combustion engines, spray painting, glass blowing, medical engineering, refrigeration, nitrogen plant, oxygen plant, etc.

Compressed air is a most useful commodity because it can be stored & use whenever required. Production cost is less compared to others, a neat & clean form of energy.

In every industry compressed air is a common utility.

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