Considerations: 10 Important Factors to Remember in Machine Design

Considerations in machine designing mean the important points to keep in mind while designing the components.

There is no limit to considerations in designing a machine and its components.

In engineering, a machine design engineer has to keep various points for the successful design of his machine.

Here in this post, I will cover most of the considerations you must think about it.

machine design considerations

So, here are the 10 Important Considerations to Remember in Machine Design

  • Type of Load and Stresses caused by the Load

The load on the Machine Component may act in several ways due to which the Internal Stresses are set up.

  • Motion of Parts

The successful operation of any Machine depends largely upon the simplest arrangements of the Parts, which will give the required motion. Hence the Motion of the Part may be,

A) Rectilinear Motion, which includes Unidirectional and Reciprocating Motion

B) Curvilinear Motion, which includes Rotary, Oscillatory Simple Harmonic

C) Constant Velocity

D) Constant or Variable Acceleration

  • Selection of Material

Every Machine Design Engineer should have a thorough knowledge of the Properties of materials and their behavior under working conditions.

  • Form and Size of the Parts

In order to Design any Machine Part for form and size, it is necessary to know the Forces which the Part must sustain.

So, any suddenly applied or impact load must be taken into consideration, which may cause failure.

The smallest Practicable Cross-Section may be used, but it may be checked that the Stresses induced in the Designed Cross-Section are reasonably safe.

  • Frictional Resistance and Lubrication

There is always a Loss of Power due to Frictional Resistance.

Hence, Careful attention must be given to the matter of Lubrication of all surfaces which move in contact with others.

  • Safety of Operator

A Machine Designer should always provide a safety device for the safety of the operator.

Also, The Safety Appliances should in no way interfere with the operation of the Machine.

  • Use of Standard Parts

The uses of Standard Parts are closely related to the Cost of the Machine.

Because the Cost of Standard Parts is only a fraction of the cost of similar parts made to order.

  • Convenient and Economical Features

The operating feature of the machine should be carefully studied.

The Starting, Controlling, and Stopping Levers should be located on the basis of convenient handling.

  • Workshop Facilities

A Design Engineer should be familiar with the limitation of his Employer’s Workshop.

So, we can avoid the necessity of having work done in some other Workshop.

  • Assembling

Every Machine must be assembled as a unit before it can function.

The final Location of any Machine is important.

Hence, The Design Engineer must anticipate the exact location and the local facilities for erection.

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