Machine Design: How to Design Machine Components?

Every Machine Design Engineer tried his level best to overcome the possible problems; hence you can call Machine Design a continuous process.

In Designing the Machine Components, there is no rigid rule in engineering. So the problem may be attempted in several ways.

Though the machine design procedure is not standard, there are some common steps to be followed.

These can be followed as per the requirements wherever and whenever necessary.

So, here are some guidelines as to how the machine design engineer can proceed with the design.

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  • So, the general procedure to solve a Machine Design Problem is as follows

01) First of all make a complete statement of the problem, indicating the purpose for which the machine is to be designed.

02) Select the possible groups of Mechanisms which will give the desired Motion.

03) Find the Forces acting on each member of the Machine and the Energy Transmitted by each member.

04) Select the best material suited for each member of the machine.

05) Find the size of each member by considering the Forces acting and the permissible Stresses for the Material used. It should be kept in mind that each member does not deflect or deform the permissible limit.

06) Modify the size of the member to agree with the past experience and judgments to facilitate manufacture.

07) Draw the detailed drawing of each Component and the Assembly of the Machine with complete Specifications for the Material and Manufacturing Process suggested.

If you follow all the above points, I hope you could also prove yourself as the best mechanical design engineer.

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