Terms: 10 Engineering Terms in I. C. Engine Every Engineer Must Know

Some words related to engineering are known as engineering terms. When these engineering words are used in mechanical engineering, which are called mechanical engineering terms.

In engineering technology especially internal combustion engine technology, some common engineering terms are referred to.

Below mentioned terms are highly useful for your interview with engineering companies. These terms will help all particularly, the engineer who is related to I.C.Engine.

Important terms connected with Internal Combustion Engine

Important Engineering Terms Related to Internal Combustion Engine

  • Bore

The Inside Diameter of the Cylinder is known as the Bore and it is measured in millimeters (mm).

  • Stroke

It is the distance traveled by the Piston from one of its dead center position to the other dead center position.

  • Dead Center

They correspond to the positions occupied by the piston at the end of its stroke, where the center line of the Connecting Rod and Crank are in the same straight line.

For Vertical Engine, these are known as Top Dead Center (T.D.C) and Bottom Dead Center (B.D.C) positions.

In Horizontal Engine, these are known as Inner Dead Center (I.D.C) and Outer Dead Center (O.D.C) positions.

  • Top Dead Center

At Vertical Engine, the topmost position of the Piston towards the cover end side of the cylinder is known as Top Dead Center.

  • Bottom Dead Center

In Vertical Engine, the lower position of the Piston towards the Crank end side of the cylinder is known as Bottom Dead Center.

  • Piston Displacement

It is also known as “Swept Volume”. This is the volume through which the Piston sweeps for its one Stroke. It is equal to the area of the cross-section of the Piston multiplied by its Stroke Length.

  • Clearance Volume

It is the Volume included between the Piston and the Cylinder Head when the Piston is at its Top Dead Center in Vertical Engine and inner Dead Center in Horizontal Engine.

The Clearance Volume is generally expressed as a percentage of Swept Volume.

  • Compression Ratio

It is the ratio of the total Cylinder Volume to the Clearance Volume. For Petrol Engines the value of the Compression Ratio is varied from 5:1 to 9:1 and for Diesel Engines varies from 14:1 to 22:1

  • Piston Speed

It is the distance traveled by the Piston in one minute. The piston Speed=2LN meter/min. If the R.P.M. of Engine Shaft=N and length of Stroke=L meter.

  • Crank Throw

This is the distance between the Center of the Crankshaft and the Center of the Crankpin. Hence the distance will be equal to half the Stroke Length.

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