Energy: How you can obtain energy from these 5 natural sources

Energy means the power to do work. The human body needs the energy to do work so the machines also.

Hence you can say power is nothing but the rate of flow of energy. We need the power to drive our machines, tools, appliances, and also engineering utilities.

Geothermal energy has its own limitations so; you have to find out new sources.

In every era, man has been striving to explore more and more sources available in nature. To date, our scientists and engineers are trying to develop new sources.

Here in this post, I will like to share some renewable sources with you.

energy sources

So, Below are the Most Important Natural Energy Sources

  • Water

Water will possess potential energy and is available at a certain height. So, many hydroelectric power stations are the best examples of this type of source.

So, this is converted into kinetic energy by bringing water to a lower level. The water turbine will convert this into Mechanical. Hence, we know this as hydroelectric energy.

  • Solar

In a tropical climate solar rays have been used directly for the generation of power. This is done by employing a parabolic mirror to concentrate the rays onto a boiler or the cylinder of a hot air engine.

Fuel stock will be consumed rapidly and it will available for the next 200 years or so, to meet this challenge solar is the best alternative we have.

  • Fuels

They exist in the form of

  1. A) Solid
  2. B) Liquid
  3. C) Gaseous

The chemical energy that fuel contains is being transferred into heat energy by their combustion. The heat can further be converted into another form by a thermal prime mover. Hence we may call it thermal energy.

Unequal heating of the atmosphere by the sun produces air currents which when deflected through an angle produce a force.

This force had been used to drive the windmill to produce electric power.

  • Nuclear 

This is a recent discovery and also one of the outstanding achievements of mankind. In 1938 Hann and Strassman separated the uranium atom successfully by nuclear fission.

The fission of heavy nuclei is an exothermic process. In which an enormous amount of heat is liberated.

This heat is produced by nuclear fission and is hence utilized by special heat exchangers for the generation of steam which is used to drive turbo generators to generate power.

Nowadays engineers are thinking about other forms also.

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