Ignition Systems: 5 Main Differences in between Magneto and Coil Ignition

In Engineering different types of Ignition Systems are used in Internal Combustion Engines.

Out of that Magneto and Coil Ignition Systems are more important.

Hence I will share information on a comparison between these two ignition systems.

magneto ignition systems

So, here it comes a Comparison of the Magneto and Coil Ignition Systems

  • Cost

The Manufacturing cost of the Coil Ignition System is low, due to less precision work than to Magneto Ignition System.

  • Simplicity

The Wiring in the Coil Ignition System is quite complicated hence this system requires greater attention against possible defects.

But in the Magneto ignition system, the wiring is comparatively simple and it forms a compact unit.

  • Dependence on Battery and Charging Dynamo

The condition of the Battery and Charging Dynamo will greatly influence the operation of the Coil Ignition System.

If the battery gets discharged, it becomes very difficult to start the engine by hand cranking.

This difficulty will not experience in Magneto Ignition System, hence it is more reliable.

  • Starting and Low-Speed Operation

A good Spark will get in Coil Ignition System at starting at spite low speed.

The strength of the Spark in the Magneto Ignition System at the time of starting and at low speed is very low.

  • Strength and Spark at High Speed

With the increase in speed the strength of the Spark given by the Magneto Ignition System increase but it decreases in the case of the Coil Ignition System.

Coil Ignition System cannot be used in High-Speed Racing Cars and in Airplanes.

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