Energy Transformation: How to Convert Hydraulic Energy in Mechanical Energy

Energy Transformation is nothing but simply converting one type of energy into another form.

In India about 2200 years back, hydraulic energy was first converted into mechanical energy.

This is done by passing the water through a water wheel.

India is the inventor of water wheels which were then taken to Egypt and then to Europe and finally to America.

These water wheels are originally made of wood and can be seen in Technical Museums even today.

300 years back Water Wheel is taken as a model for the systematic design of Water Turbines.

Since the invention of the water turbine, a lot of research is being conducted all over the world to improve its design and performance.

Nowadays Turbine is known by each and every engineering background person.

energy transformation

So, Here It comes Different Types Of Water Wheel For Energy Transformation 

Depending upon the driving action of the water, the Water Wheels are classified asunder,

  1. Wheels are driven by the weight of water
  2. The Wheels partly being driven by the weight of water and partly driven by an impulse of water
  3. Wheels totally are driven by an impulse of water
  • Construction Of Water Wheel For Energy Transformation

The construction of the water wheel is very simple and anybody can understand it very easily.

Generally, a water wheel consists of a central hub and a circular wheel.

The number of buckets or vanes is mounted on the periphery of the wheel.

The water is delivered to the wheel at some convenient point on its circumference, which falls into the buckets or strikes the vanes.

Due to the weight or impulse of the water, the wheel starts rotating.

In old days Water Wheels are used to lift the water from the lower end to the higher end.

This will help in irrigation in agriculture.

This technology is very rarely used nowadays but it was very useful in ancient days. Nowadays water turbines are used to generate hydroelectric energy.

Water Wheels have some advantages and have some disadvantages also.

Advantages Of Water Wheel In Energy Transformation

  1. They are simple and strong in construction
  2. They are suitable even for low water head
  3. Even if the discharge is not constant, they give constant efficiency
  4. They are cheap in cost
  5. They required very less maintenance

Disadvantages Of Water Wheel In Energy Transformation

  1. The speed of the Water Wheel is very slow
  2. By comparing their capacity to produce power, they are heavier and bigger
  3. Their speed cannot be easily regulated
  4. For high water heads, water wheels are not suitable

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