Solid-State Annunciation: Best Fault Indication Device in Air Compressor

A solid-state annunciation is always ready to record the fault in the compressor.

When your Air Compressor works smoothly everything is so fine you even don’t think about the problems which may occur in running condition.

It is not also possible to keep one operator near to air compressor for 24x7x365 days.

In this condition, it is very important to know the fault due to which the compressor is stopped.

Once you know the fault, you will rectify it within a minimum time period.

To indicate the fault which is occurred in the air compressor, a device called “Solid State Annunciation” is fitted with a control panel.

Nowadays “Program logical control (PLC) is introduced to replace this device (Engineering is changing day by day), but still, many compressor plants are in operation with solid-state annunciation.

solid state annunciation device
  • So, here is the detail of the Solid State Annunciation

A solid-state annunciation is provided to display audio-visual alarm for the number of safety devices fitted to the compressor & electric motor, through its number of potential alarm points which legend on display windows, in a centralized location.

A common relay contactor in the solid-state annunciation actuates when any of the windows display the flasher.

These relay contacts are incorporated to interlock with a motor starter.

The solid-state annunciation system consists of an integrated power supply unit and a flasher unit common for all alarm points.

One transistorized plug-in printed circuit board per alarm point window.

The legend on each window is designated for each safety device, connected to that respective channel.

In the event of failure of any system in the air compressor, the concerned safety device will operate.

This causes the Annunciation relay contactor to trip the starter circuit.

An instantaneously concerned window will start flashing & hooter blows.

Thus you know the fault occurred in a compressor.

  • What to do after fault detection by Solid-State annunciation

In that event, the hooter is to be silenced by depressing the “Accept” push button, flashing lamp will remain steady.

Remove the fault and press the “Reset” push button, the lamp will go off.

Press the “Test” push-button to see if all window illuminates and restart the air compressor.

The solid-state Annunciation is designed as per the customer’s requirement, it is mandatory to go through the concerned schematic diagram before terminating the safety devices & interlock system.

Solid-state Annunciation is a somewhat old device for fault indication in compressors but due to its simple construction and operation, solid-state Annunciation is easily accepted by the Technicians.

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